Secure Online Shopping

We take your security very seriously and endeavour to make shopping online as safe as shopping in any of our stores.

Secure shopping with us

Your browser will go into secure mode as soon as you access 'Your trolley' or 'login' pages, i.e. before you enter any personal details. You can check that you are shopping in a secure environment by looking for either a locked padlock or a key icon in the grey bar on your screen.
Being in 'secure mode' means that all of your details are encrypted to keep them secure.
We recommend that you always close down your Internet browser when you have finished shopping online, especially if you use a shared PC. This will delete temporary Internet cookies from any sites that you may have visited.
If you have any further concerns about security, please email or call our customer service team on 01 5621083.

How do I pick a safe password?

Make it easy to remember but impossible to guess.
Like so...
Consider basing your password on a sentence or phrase. And use a mix of numbers and characters.
Avoid using the same password for all your online accounts.
Don't use people's names - these can be easily cracked using common hacking tools.
Avoid choosing your username.
Never give your password to anyone.

How do I avoid computer viruses?

Protect your computer from viruses by downloading the most-up-to-date software. Some examples are McAfee, Norton and AVG, although other anti-virus products are available. You can also help to protect your computer from viruses by setting your operating system updates to automatic.

View our anti-virus range

How do I keep my browser up to date?

Online security is constantly evolving. If you are using older versions of Internet Explore or other browsers, we recommend you update your browser to the latest version in order to take full advantage of the improved security features. You can uppdate your browser by going to 'browser settings'.

How do I identify a scam email?

Although Argos may send you emails from time to time. We will never send an email asking for your security information, credit card or log on details, or direct you to a web page that asks for this information. If you receive an email that appears to be from Argos that you suspect is fraudulent, do not click on any link contained within the email or provide any credit card or log on details. Please forward a copy to

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