Winter essentials

At home or out and about, get all you need to stay warm on colder days.


Cocooning yourself indoors? We don't blame you. These ideas will help keep you nice and toasty...


Electric blankets

Say goodbye to cold sheets and hello to an electric blanket - sure to give you the cosiest night's sleep.

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Heaters and radiators

They may look little, but these heaters and radiators are packing lots of heat to quickly warm up any room.

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Black out the cold

If you're looking for multifunctional, choose thermal curtains. Not only do they stop any drafts but they're blackout too.

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Top up your tog

Feeling a chill during the night? Swap your duvet to a 10.5 or 13.5 tog for that weighted down, oh-so-snug sensation.

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Electric fireplaces

Decorative, practical and wonderfully warming. Recreate that rustic cosy cottage feel with a stylish fireplace.

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Get set for snuggling

Decorative, practical and wonderfully warming. Recreate that rustic cosy cottage feel with a stylish fireplace.

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Hot water bottles

Take these huggable heaters with you, wherever you go. And pick a fluffy cover for the ultimate snuggle factor.

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Want that cosy look and feel?

Our guide to creating a cosy home will help you transform rooms into warm and inviting spaces.

See our cosy home guide

Struggling to crawl out of bed into the cold darkness? Wondering where your evening has gone? Here's how to combat those long nights.


Lift your lighting

Looking for a lightbulb moment? From ceiling to floor, or tables to wall, easily brighten darker rooms with an extra pop of light.

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Make it smart

Set up your lights with smart plugs, and come home to a welcoming glow.

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Set an alarm

An alarm clock will make sure you get up and out on time. They can help towards resetting your wellbeing too - rather than using your phone.

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Fake it till you wake

Try an alarm clock with an inbuilt wake-up light. It'll simulate sunrise to gently bring you out of the land of nod.

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Breathe easy

Air purifiers keep nasty allergens like dust mites and pollen out of your home's air flow. Table top purifiers are best for most bedrooms, but it's worth investing in a tower for larger rooms.

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Washing taking over your home? Getting your laundry dry in winter can be tricky - these will help you get through your pile quicker.


Fluff it up

Towels, bedding, dressing gowns... there's not much a tumble dryer can't spin into super soft snuggly-ness.

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Add an airer

Drying clothes when it's cold outside doesn't need to be a problem. Indoor airers can pop up (and foldaway) to suit your needs.

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Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will help to reduce any condensation or damp in the air. They'll remove any musty odours too.

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Heading out? Whether it's by foot or by road, here's how to stay safe and warm.


Protect your home

From lighting and cameras to handy hints. Learn how to keep your house secure during darker winter months.

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Out on the roads

Don't get caught out and about - make sure you have the right kit in your car to get you safely from A to B.

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Be safe, be seen

Darker nights are on their way but that shouldn't mean you have to change your exercise plans. Whether you're running, cycling or just enjoying a brisk walk, a head torch will ensure you can see and be seen when out and about.

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