Tech for education

Get set for studying.

Whether they're just making the jump up to secondary school, or midway through their Leaving Certificate, these bits of tech can help keep on top of school work.


Laptop or Netbook

Having a pc at home will help with assignments and give your child access to online resources. For surfing the net and creating basic documents (stored on the cloud) a netbook is a great choice. If you want access to more software or to save things off of the cloud, you can opt for a laptop.

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Mobile phone

Moving up to secondary school is a popular time for many to get their first phone, especially if they are making their own way to school. Need help choosing?

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Wearable technology

From smart watches to activity trackers, these trendy bits of tech let your teen track their sporty activities.

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Portable charger

A useful addition to their school bag - these portable little power packs let them charge up their phone on the go.

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Setting up an at home study?

Create a pocket of productivity in your home with these smart set-ups, including desks, office chairs and storage.

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Technology can be used from an early age to help kids develop and support their learning.


Kids laptops & tablets

Need to log into online classes? An easy-to-use use netbook or tablet is a smart choice for kids. Or for younger tots aged 3-5, find child-friendly devices that are designed to look just like 'grown up' versions but are packed with interactive games to make learning fun.

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Technology toys

Designed for inquisitive minds, these toys and robots will help kids get to grips with computing, programming and new technologies.

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Back to school supplies

Find all you need to be back to school ready.

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Kids e-readers

Inspire little bookworms with their own e-reader. Designed for kids, these open up a world of e-books at their fingertips, and are really handy for travelling too.

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Kids activity trackers

With games and challenges designed to inspire kids to get moving, these colourful activity trackers are fun, engaging and oh-so-cool.

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Get set for your course, and perhaps a new home-from-home, with these study and socialising essentials.


Choosing a laptop or desktop PC

The most important bit of kit for most students is a PC. A laptop is usually suitable for general courses, and its portability makes it a popular choice for lots of students.

You may choose a desktop computer if portability isn't a priority and your course requires something with more power. Desktops are also a popular choice if you like gaming in your spare time.


Tablets & 2-in-1 laptops

Tablets or 2-in-1 laptops are really handy gadgets for on the go learning. They're lightweight and small enough to use in lectures, and let you take notes and research online whilst on campus.

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Portable power

Keep topped up wherever you are with a portable power pack. Most have a USB port, and can be used to keep your phone, tablets, wireless headphones and other portable devices charged on the go.

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Noise-cancelling headphones

Like to have music playing while you study? Drown out any other background distractions with noise cancelling headphones. We'd recommend choosing wireless if you'll be using them in the gym too.

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Got your PC sorted? Great - but what else might you need? Whether you're at home or moving into new digs, these handy checklists will help you get set up:


For studying

  • Desk & comfortable chair: Even if you're short on space, fitting in a desk and supportive chair will help you get in the right mindset for studying.
  • Printer: Useful for printing out important notes or essays. Your college library will have printers that you can use, but having one at home could be handy.
  • Keyboard, mouse & second monitor: Working from a laptop? Those trackpads can be a little fiddly. Equipping yourself with these study-space accessories will make working much more efficient.
  • Wi-Fi and networking: To avoid annoying network issues, make sure you're set up with a strong enough Wi-Fi signal.
  • Stationery & office storage - Keep all your notes neat and organised with study storage.

For taking a break

  • Gaming PCs or consoles: These can be a great way to bond with new flatmates, or connect with friends back home. See the latest releases here.
  • Activity trackers: Picking up a new sport or heading to the gym? Accompany your work out and keep track of your fitness with these wearable bits of tech.
  • Camera: Maybe you've moved to another part of the country for your course? A great way to explore the new area is to take up photography.
  • Speakers: Do your music or podcast listening justice with a pair of speakers. Wireless is a good pick for house parties.
  • E-reader: Unwind with a good book - an e-reader is ideal for on-the-go reading.

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