Storage ideas

Time to get organised! Find the storage solutions you need to utilise space in some of the messiest, most under-used spaces in your home.


From multifunctional furniture to subtle and stylish storage boxes, be inspired by our top tidy tips.

A clean home is an easy way to help reduce allergies, stress and anxiety. But that doesn't mean you have to hide everything away; your home should be your safe haven and reflect your personality. Here are some ideas on how to store in a creative way...


Christmas storage

Think underbed storage, stacking boxes and wheeled plastic boxes for heavier items. We even have cleverly designed bauble trays to make packing away Christmas so much easier.

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Amazing alternatives

Try something different - use baskets to gather up books, clothes rails to display your favourite outfits and hooks for coats, handbags, scarves or necklaces - perfect for small spaces.

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Opt for an ottoman

With different shapes, sizes, colours and textures, you're sure to find a style to suit any room. Not only do they provide handy storage, they're an extra seat too.

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Bedroom storage

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Make room for you

Space-saving beds are the ultimate in bedroom storage. With built in drawers, shelves and even a clothes rail in the headboard - everything has a spot and is only an arm's reach away.

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Wonderful wardrobes

From fitted or freestanding, to sliding or mirrored doors - discover subtle ways to store your stuff.

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Organise your clothes

Marie Kondo your outfits with shoe storage, hanging shelves or suit carriers. Neatly tuck everything in its place and create more space for you to relax.

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Underbed hideaways

These slimline saviours are ideal to tuck away seasonal bits or accessories like bags or bedding. They're easy to manoeuvre and seamlessly fit under your bed.

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Use your walls

Shelves and hooks are an easy way to lift things up - creating a bigger floor space. It's also a nice way to show off some of your favourite pieces.

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Kids storage

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Kids storage sleeper bedframe.

All tucked in

With ultimate storage bedframes, you can make space in even the smallest of rooms. By lifting their bed, you can utilise the space underneath with clothes draws, bookshelves and swing-out desks. Tidy time couldn't be easier, but they might get distracted by all the cool new cubby-holes.

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Toy boxes

Are the toys taking over? Invest in a toybox - classic wooden or bright to match their room or favourite characters. Many double up as a seat too.

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Brilliant bookcases

Encourage them to read by having their books on show. By creating their own mini library at home, they can pick up a book anytime (and know where to put it back).

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Storage solutions

Canvas squares, lidded boxes or flexi tubs - there's so many options. Both functional and fun, it couldn't be easier to organise their prized possessions.

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Lotions and potions

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Hello calmer mornings...

Bathrooms, and any getting-ready spaces, can be the worst for clutter accumulation. You'd be surprised at the difference even a skinny shelving unit can make, while caddies and baskets will give you your shower and counter space back.


Keep your counters clutter-free

Chose slim fitted bathroom storage, sure to fit in the tightest of spots. Use ladder shelving for a statement piece, or how about a bathroom cabinet which doubles up as a mirror?

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Bathroom caddies and baskets

Add a bit of hotel luxury with simple, little touches. Display your toiletries in cute baskets, roll up your towels and have your essentials at easy to grab distance.

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Hooked on hooks

Save on floor space and add hooks around your bathroom - ideal for towels, robes or laundry bags. No wall space? Try over-door hooks instead, or ladder radiators.

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Kit out your kitchen...

Keep your cooking space tidy and organised with our range of kitchen storage. Small racks are a great way to add additional shelving to cupboards, while our range of kitchen organisers and food storage will keep you safe from pantry pandemonium. Dreaming of a kitchen island, but don't have the space? Trolleys can be your additional counter, cupboard and wine rack in one, wherever you need it.


Kitchen organisers

You'll want everyday kitchen items close to hand, but that doesn't mean crowded countertops. Use kitchen roll holders or tree mugs, to spare some surface space.

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Food storage ideas

Hidden in cupboards, placed on surfaces or tucked away in fridges, it couldn't be easier to organise your food with lightweight, sealable and stackable storage.

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Kitchen trolleys

Create your own moveable, kitchen island. With building draws, shelves or even a wine rack (careful when manoeuvring), it's a fun way to store any extra items.

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Shelves and stands

An easy way to stack plates, pots or even make extra room under your sink. Or why not try wall mounted storage systems for your pans and cookbooks.

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Loft living

Lofts are handy places, but you don't want things getting damaged or dusty. Invest in lidded plastic storage boxes that are easy to lift and stack. Or use vacuum storage bags for reducing bulky bedding or clothing.

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Office organisation

The key to getting things done - knowing where everything is. Use baskets, trays and boxes to keep work bits and life documents safe and organised. Choose between colours and patterns to add a pop of colour too.

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Hallway hacks

Hallways are an underrated spot for everyday items. Create an entrance for your guests with a seated unit. Add a home for coats with hooks, a shoe rack to tuck away your boots and how about an umbrella stand?

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