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A new born baby sleeping in their father's arms.

When your baby arrives, you'll be rushed off your feet. Our comprehensive list of newborn baby essentials will make sure you'll be well prepared.

Parents securing their newborn baby in a car seat.

Baby car seats

An essential purchase before your due date, you won't be allowed to drive your baby home from hospital without a car seat. Ideal for going from car to foot as most have a carry handle so your little one can carry on napping.

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A mother pushing her baby around in a pushchair.

Pushchairs, prams and travel systems

Going for a walk with your little one lets you both enjoy some fresh air and helps them experience the outdoors. Until your baby is able to sit up by themselves (this usually happens when they're 3-6 months old), they'll need a pushchair where they can lie flat.

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A newborn baby in a baby carrier.

Baby carriers

A comfy and practical way to carry your baby around, baby carriers bring your child close to you, cuddling them to your body while leaving your hands free. This allows you to do your shopping and all kinds of jobs while bonding with baby.

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Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib in charcoal grey colour.

Moses baskets

It's recommended that newborns sleep in the same room as their parents for the first six months. Our range of Moses baskets are lightweight, portable and easy to move around and settle baby down nearby.

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Tommee Tippee dreammaker nightlight and baby sleep aid.

Sleep aids

Cute and cuddly nighttime companions, most sleep aids are triggered by the sound of crying. When activated they make calming noises that will help soothe and settle your baby back to sleep.

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Hubble Nursery 2.8 inch view glow video baby monitor on a white bedside table.

Baby monitors

Designed to give you peace of mind, a baby monitor lets you keep track of your baby from another room. Most models let you hear, see and speak to your baby, and some models will tell you the temperature in their room.

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Medela Harmony manual breast pump in yellow colour placed on a wooden table next to a bag.

Breast pumps

A great way to let mum get some rest, breast pumps allow her to express milk for when she's not around or trying to sleep. Breastmilk can be stored for up to 5 days, as long as you keep it refrigerated.

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A baby drinking from Nanobebe Flexy silicone baby bottle.

Bottles, warmers and sterilisers

If you're bottle feeding you'll need some bottles with slow flow teats. Use a steriliser to make sure all of the feeding equipment is clean and free from harmful bacteria. A bottle warmer will quickly and safely heat your baby's milk to the perfect temperature. Get everything you'll need with a starter kit.

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Nursing pillows.

Nursing pillows

Perfect for providing comfort during pregnancy, these versatile pillows also offer great support while you feed baby. And as your baby gets older, the pillow can be used to support them during tummy time.

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Nursing chairs.

Nursing chairs

Designed to support you while you hold your baby, a nursing chair is a comfy place for late night feeds and rocking your little one to sleep.

A Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night in black.

We couldn't live without it

To us this is so essential! 3 minutes to make a bottle at the right temp who doesn't love it! It's taken the stress out of making bottles up ready from cooled kettle water, waiting for water to cool all whilst my baby was screaming for food. The machine has taken the stress out of Bottle making!



S wales 21/06/2022

Ingenuity SmartClean toddler booster in slate colour.

Very practical

This was just right for our granddaughter, now nearly 3. It's safe and comfortable.



Essex 18/05/2022

MAM Easy Start anti-colic small bottle set in pink.

Great bottles for new borns.

My granddaughters both have a set one for boy one for a girl they are thrilled with them.



Wales, 03/05/2022

A father changing his baby's nappy.

Baby changing

Although daunting at first, you'll quickly perfect the art of changing your baby's nappy. A changing bag will keep your essentials organised and close-at-hand when you're out and about, and a changing mat will keep your baby comfortable during on-the-go clean ups. When you've finished changing baby, use a nappy bin to safely seal away germs and unpleasant odours.

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A baby bathing.


Sure to become one of your favourite parts of the day, baby's bath time is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your little one. Although not essential if you already have a full-sized tub, baby baths offer newborns the support they need and mean you won't have to stoop over the edge of the bath to wash your baby.

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A reliable way to check if your baby's got a fever, these accurate thermometers will let you know whether it's nothing to worry about or something more serious.

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Nasal aspirators.

Nasal aspirators

A handy tool to help your baby when they've got a stuffy nose, a nasal aspirator will relieve bunged up noses by quickly, gently and quietly removing mucus from your baby's nose.

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Child safety gates.

Home safety equipment

Help minimise hazards in the home with cupboard and window locks, corner cushions that take the sharp edges off surfaces and safety gates to block off stairways and certain rooms.

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