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Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Challenge family, friends or other players from around the world to one of six fun sports - volleyball, football, bowling, tennis, chambara and badminton. Increase your rank by winning or take part in the Pro Leagues to test your abilities.

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The new PlayStation 5 is here. Expect a completely redesigned DUALSHOCK controller, stunning visuals thanks to the addition of ray tracing, "3D Audio", backwards compatibility, and faster loading times. Plus, great new games only available on the PS5.

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Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Expect a more powerful Xbox than ever before, with backwards compatibility, the ability to suspend and resume multiple games, and a sleek, tall design. Plus, it's super quiet (despite how much power it holds). Extra exciting, you can get access to Microsoft Game Pass, getting you access to tons of titles.

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