Create a cosy and inviting space

Easy updates to help make your home a welcoming haven.


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Create that cosy look

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Weave warmth throughout your home with these seasonal style tips.

An image of a side table next to the arm of a fabric sofa. There's a unique lamp on the table, designed to look like a hedgehog is carrying the bulb.

Feeling autumnal?

Ready to indulge in oh-so-snuggly blankets, flickering candles and a cosier colour palette? We're right there with you.

Warming up your decor doesn't have to be a big job - things like cushions, throws and decorative accessories are easy to swap out for more seasonal styles.

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An image of an inviting cream coloured cuddle chair piled high with cosy cushions and throws.

Layer up snuggly textiles

Pile cosy cushions or add a toasty throw to the arm of your sofa on standby for cold evenings - our picks include chunky knits and fleecy faux furs.

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An image of a modern looking lamp on a bedside table, switched on to create a golden glow.

Add lots of lighting

Good lighting can have a real mood-boosting effect - set them up with smart plugs so you come home to their inviting glow. And keep your home office well-lit when working during darker months.

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Serve up winter warmers

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Full bellies = warm hearts. From comfort food classics to family feasting, here's what you need to whip up this season's staple dishes.

An image of a kitchen worktop. There's an orange casserole dish filled with a hearty stew next to a pressure cooker on the hob.

It's the season of pies, puddings, stews & soup

Come home to a rich, hearty stew bubbling away...casserole pots, slow cookers and soup makers come into their own at this time of year.

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An image of a worktop where someone is baking rocky road. There's a scale, measuring cups and bowls plus marshmallows, cherries and chocolate.

Go get baking

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon? Create star-worthy treats and showstopper puds with these essential bits of kit.

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An image of a kitchen worktop with a coffee machine and milk frother on the side. There are two cups of coffee and some freshly baked muffins.

Warm up with cosy drinks

Coffee machines expand your hot drink repertoire to barista level - fill your favourite mugs with lattes, mochas, espressos and more.

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Here are some practical purchases and tips to keep your home toasty.

If you feel the chill in your bedroom, it might be time to make the switch to a higher tog duvet, or get really toasty with an electric blanket.

Get a little extra peace of mind through the darker months with home security lights and cameras.

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